Railay Village

Railay Village

Railay Village Resort & Spa :

The resort is entirely surrounded by limestone cliffs and only accessible by bo

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Railay Village

Railay Lagoon

Railay Lagoon is another attraction for the adventure lovers. You have to climb up and down. Some steps are too steep and you need to jump or tightly hold a rope. There you will find a lagoon. Find a post to Lagoon while you are trekking to view point.

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Railay Village

Railay East

Railay East Beach here is not suite for swimming as mangrove. Plenty of food shops, mini pub, near places of rock climbing. You may find a cheap and good meal here.  ATM and convenient stores are easily found. There

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Railay Village

Railay West

Railay West It’s good for sun bathing, swimming, sea canoeing and many kinds of beach-sport activities. It is the pier for tourists from Ao Nang. 9:00 am everyday, boat from Ao Nang will be stop for tourists for 10 minutes and leave for Koh Phi Phi. If you wa

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How to Get to Railay

Getting to Railay

From Krabi Town, you have three options to Railay:

1) From Ao Nang to Railay by a long-tailed boat, about 15 minutes; 80 Bht/persons, with 8-10 persons is max capacity/boat, this destination is the most popular is due to less time, and shorter distance. In case you travel from Krabi Town, you can take a mini-bus to Ao Nang about 20 minutes. At Ao Nang beach, you can find a boat on the beach easily.


2) From Krabi Town to Chaofah Pier by a long-tailed boat, about 45 minutes, about 100 Bht/persons. Longer distance/time, but more convenience if you are at Krabi Town. During rainy season, this route is not suitable for travelers.


3) From Ao Nammao near Shell Fossil, also by a long-tailed boat, about 30 minutes. It is shorter for travelers to Railay East. This is an alternative route during rainy season.


By Car:

1. from Bangkok, along the Highway No.4, Phetchaburi-Prachuabkirikhan-Chumporn-Ranong-Phang-nga, Krabi, 946 kms in total.


2. from Bangko, along the Highway No.4 to Chumporn, the Highway No.41 through Langsuan(Chumporn), Chaiya, Suratthani, Viengsra, then on the Highway No.4035 to Ao Luk, then to Highway No.4 again to Krabi; 814 kms in total.


3.from Phuket, on the Highway No.402 and No.4, 185 kms in total for 4 hours approx. At Phuket, there is public bus to Krabi everyday.


By Bus:

Bangkok to Krabi; contact: 
(+662)434-5557-8 for non air-conditioned buses.
(+662) 435-1199, 435-1200 for air-conditioned buses.


By Train:

From Bangkok to Trang or Thungsong (Nakornsithamarat), then take a mini-bus or cab to Krabi Town. Contact:(+662) 223-7010, 223-7020.


By Airplane:

Starting at Phuket Airport or Krabi Airport, taking a cab to Ao Nang or Krabi Town. Contact Thai International Co., Ltd.: (+662) 280-0060, 628-2000.

Railay Hotels, Krabi, Thailand

Railay East

Hotels in Railay There are 2 main parts of hotel location e.g. Railay West and Railay East sides. - Railay West: Railay Village Resort, Sand Sea Raila


Railay Attractions

Railay East

Interesting Places in Railay 1. Railay Rock Climbing 2. View Point of Railay 3. Railay Lagoon 4. Railay West 5. Railay East